Eagle Bank

Customer: Eagle Bank
Location: Jarrell, TX
Size: 3,300 sq. ft.

This Modular building project is a 4 section building that included all site work, civil engineering, and connections to the cities utilities. It was designed for 4 drive-up lanes driven by Hamilton Pneumatic System, customer provided ATM for the outer lane. A drive-up Night Deposit that can be serviced safely from inside the Bank. The entrance was built with 2 distinguished two-story towers that boldly sets it apart from all the other buildings in the area. The Interior has the warmth and friendly atmosphere that all Texans are known for. A large fireplace with a TV next to it allows their customers to take a few extra minutes to have a friendly conversation with their local friends. Additionally, the building sports gorgeous 2-story ceilings, safety deposit boxes with private viewing areas, 3 walk-up teller stations, a conference room, several business offices, a break room, and a coffee machine. This building has so much to offer for both its customers as well as its employees.